Knives Out

Knives Out

Knives Out is a classic who-dun-it that will satisfy even the most discerning mystery lover. Although classic in nature, the combination of a star-studded cast, a brilliant script, and the perfect setting, Knives Out is not just a boring rehash of another murder mystery.

With plot twists as unexpected as some of the casting, neither of which disappoints, get your popcorn before settling down to watch as you won’t want to be taking any intermissions.

While Christopher Plummer was not unexpected in the role of Harlan Thrombey, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone to better fill the part. Daniel Craig, however, was not the one that might have been expected in the role of detective Benoit Blanc. But the casting director’s choice was right on target. Before Craig even speaks with that unexpected southern drawl, he injects himself into the drama using only a key on a piano.

Ana de Armas puts yet another win on her resume performing as the Patriarch’s nurse, Marta Cabrera, a sweet and honest caregiver, but with an unusual ‘tell’ when lying.

It’s a joy to watch Jamie Lee Curtis show off her skills beside her on-screen husband Don Johnson (the immortal “Sonny” Crocket of Miami Vice fame) both of whom are still more than up to their roles.

It’s not just the brilliant cast and script that keeps the viewer captivated. The whole package shines. While it would certainly have been worth the watch without the flawless lighting in an ideally chosen location, these too were so well executed as to make it worthy of near-perfect marks.

Writer and director Rian Johnson does a masterful job of building rich characters and drawing you back and forth in time to reveal the hidden and unexpected truths behind each colorful character.

Even viewers who are not die-hard murder mystery fans will not want to miss out on seeing Knives Out. It will surely be one of the top movies of the year. Don’t forget the popcorn.






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