Content Creation and Writing

You’ve arrived! Thanks for dropping by.

I dabble. Since 1980, when I bought my first computer, I have dabbled in all things computer-related. While I mostly like learning and using software, I have built my own computer, learned the fundamentals of programming and an assortment of other stuff. Currently, I am enjoying building my skills in video editing in Davinci Resolve. You can find me on YouTube at AboutArchie.

I also have a FREE 16 part course on NOTION productivity app which has done very well which you should check out… seriously… hit control and click on the link below the embedded image below.

I even do a little online content writing just for fun.

If you have some remote work you’d like to do I always open to ideas.

If you are trying to sell me some SEO services, etc, etc, etc. save yourself the effort and move on, or visit our complaints department on the 12th floor.

Let’s get this adventure started…