TRS-80 Color Computer

We Dreamed of Portable Phones and Flying Cars

I write. Below is a very brief sample of that. I also like my tech. Always have. Always will.

Back around 1980 Tandy Corporation released the TRS-80 Color Computer. I headed down to Radio Shack as soon as I heard they were available. Since then, I’ve owned a CommoCommodore 64dore 64, palm pilots, Compaq Ipaqs, and a host of computers and related paraphernalia. Back then the concept of the iPhone was just a dream, like flying cars.

Ipaq Handheld ComputerI built my first website in the early 1990s. By today’s standards, it wasn’t much, but back then it seemed like a big deal. Over the years I’ve dabbled with all kinds of hardware and software.

Today we livePalm Pilot in a very different world. From my office,  coffee shop, car, or sidewalk,  I can collaborate on a global scale.

Let’s do that. Need some content or writing of some form done? Click on the ‘Contact Me’ item in the menu, and let’s get this adventure started. Looking forward to working with you.